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Sealing Windows in the Winter

We’ve reached that time in the year when, barring that random “feels like spring day,” we likely won’t crack a window again for the next three to four months.

A number of home owners with older, single-pane windows, tend to use window sealers during the winter months to keep out the cold and limit any drafts through the house. Not only does it keep the home a bit cozier during the winter months, but it also helps you save money on your heating bill.

Even if you have newer windows, it’s not a bad idea to consider sealing them up every winter. Window seal installation kits can be purchased for as little as $20 off Amazon, or you can purchase larger rolls of glass protection tape for $40 or so.

The stuff goes on easily and won’t damage any paint in the process. If anything, the biggest obstacle is in placing it under the blinds as you try to seal it to the wall. Then, once the tape is in place, you’ll either use a blow dryer to seal it firmly, or lean on masking tape for easy removal in the spring.