winter thermostat

Save Money and Energy During the Winter Months

The winter months fast approaching. Those freezing cold days when it just hurts to pick your head up are a recipe for staying inside and kicking off any movie or TV show marathons. While you’re cozy under the blankets relaxing on the couch, you’ll want to make sure the heating bill isn’t going to break the bank when it comes time to pay up.

There are a few things you may want to consider this winter when it comes to staying warm and saving money. So long as you don’t have an older thermostat, you’ll want to set up a series of programs to run around the hours you’re home or at work. Consider the resting temperature at 68 or so starting at 8am, and then have the system kick in with your desired sit-around temperature started at around 5:30 or 6pm. Obviously, you can adjust that window to better suit your needs.

You can get away with lower temperatures while sleeping under heavy blankets, but perhaps consider syncing up a warmer temp around the time you wake up, that way it doesn’t feel like you’re stepping on ice cold floors when you wake up.