holiday purge

The Holiday Decoration and Toy Purge

Editor’s Note: I swear I’m not a Grinch.

When do you put up your holiday decorations? Truth is, there’s no wrong answer, but it tends to vary between the Friday after Thanksgiving, and/or December 1.

Whichever date you choose as the day to deck the halls, you may want to also consider doing an inventory on holiday decorations.

If find yourself grabbing decorations from the attic, basement, garage, etc. and setting some aside, then those right there are probably the ones you don’t need. Maybe someone else can use them. Perhaps you can even donate them to a local charity or office to brighten up their entryway and deliver a little holiday spirit. Whatever the case, setting aside holiday decorations for “next year” is the first step to burying yourself under a pile of unused holiday items.

You may also want to consider taking inventory on your kids’ toys. After all, in a few weeks they’ll be tearing wrapping off like rabid little wolves and adding even more gadgets, toys, and gizmos to the pile. Have they outgrown the newborn toys? Are they no longer in that “phase” of toys that have since been pushed off to the corner? Maybe now is the best time to not only free up some space in your home, but also put a few smiles on the faces of others with your donations.