Creating Your Home Journal

You know those baby books that new parents purchase to keep track of every little thing that happens in their kids’ lives? Yeah, that’s kinda what we’re going for here, only for your home.

Of course, we’re not looking to memorialize the first nail hammered into the studs, much like the first lock of hair from a haircut, but you do want to try and track important updates and changes to the home.

This is not only helpful for you as a homeowner, especially when it comes to tracking items that need regular maintenance, but it also helps form the biography of your home for future buyers.

There are ways a REALTOR can help form a home narrative – pulling info on permits opened/closed on a home, digging into home records, etc. – but nothing will help more than a seller who tracked those changes throughout their ownership of the home.

New roof in 2017? Jot that one down. Water heater serviced in 2018? Make note. All of this stuff will even help sellers when it comes to the Seller’s Disclosure Form that will accompany your listing in the future. You’d be amazed at how quickly this kind of information can help speed up the offer and cut down the time required to research and discover this same info.