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What Differentiates ‘Motivated’ and ‘Desperate’ Sellers?

If you’re in a position where time is of the essence in selling your home, there are ways to advertise and market your property to elicit reasonable and timely offers.

The term “motivated sellers” gets thrown around a lot in real estate, indicating that the sellers are in a rush to get up and out of their home. However, the downside to sellers listed as “motivated” may mean that potential buyers think they can low ball an offer, pursuing the home as if it’s an opportunity to get a deal.

Motivated sellers should not be perceived as desperate sellers, although unfortunately that often is the case. “Motivated,” by my definition, is best exemplified by quick replies to questions/offers, a willingness to negotiate a price that works for both parties, and the ability to say, “Sorry, next,” without wasting anyone’s time. Motivated means time conscious in my book.

No matter the circumstances of the owner, one fact remains true: a home priced right stands the best chance of being sold quickly. Mind you, that does not mean listing it for below market value. If it’s priced in line with recent sales and list prices, then there’s a good chance it’s going to move off the market quickly. In essence, this is exactly what a Comparative Market Analysis, CMA, should accomplish.

Broker open houses and public open houses within the first week, and perhaps even subsequent weeks, will quickly put the property into local discussions among REALTORS, more so if the price and condition is right. I also make it a point during this time to email anyone and everyone I know who works in real estate throughout the state, and sometimes even outside the state. You never know who may be looking on behalf of someone.

Internally speaking, if the house is vacant then it must be spotless. Cleaning up those dust bunnies and polishing up any appliances left behind will go a long way in showing off your home.

If a seller is still living in the home, then it’s obviously fine for it to appear “lived in,” but tastefully so. This is probably one of the harder items to combat while listing a home, but I joke with clients that they need to keep their home looking like a museum while it’s on the market. Well, maybe without the curator signs, but you get the picture.