‘I’m Waiting Until the Spring to List’

There’s a chance I may have written this on my blog once before, but it requires repeating: the housing market is more than just a single season.

Sure, spring is the time of renewal and growth and often considered the “busy” time for real estate, but people by and sell houses all year long. So if you feel like you missed out on listing in the spring market, and think waiting until next spring is in your best interests, we should probably talk today about the benefits of a late summer/fall market.

It’s true, the majority of families move during the spring and early summer in an effort to find their next destination before the school year starts. But those buyers and sellers make up only a fraction of the population of people who may be looking to do the same any other time of the year.

Take for instance, first-time home buyers. It’s a broad label, but the subgroups may include newly married couples, growing families, or even long-time renters.

There’s also a strong market of empty nesters that hit the market every fall right around the time they wave good-bye to their last college-bound kid. This is the market of buyers who may be looking to downsize, and the time of year has very little impact on their decision to do so.

Just because spring is the busy time of year for real estate, it doesn’t mean you have to put off your plans or prolong your current situation on account of a calendar transitioning to another season.

Let’s connect today and build a plan that works for you. Maybe it does make sense for you to wait until the spring. Who knows? But the best way to find out is to start talking it through today.

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