everything drawer

Tackle the Everything Drawer

It’s horrid. It’s overflowing with take-out menus. It’s…it’s…your everything drawer!

Most homeowners can relate to this one: if you don’t know what to do with a “thing,” but it has some use at some point in your home, there’s a good chance it’ll find its way into the everything drawer.

Up until the writing of this post, my wife and I tackled our everything drawer twice in the four years we’ve been living in our home. And guess what? Yup. I went at it again right after I hit publish on this blog post.

I love to see the kind of things that accumulate. OK, maybe “love” is the wrong word, but how would you describe laughing, shaking your head, and asking yourself, “Why?” Because that’s exactly what was going on.

Here are a few items I discovered along the way:

  • Three rolls of scotch tape
  • A roll of masking tape
  • Double-sided tape
  • Measuring tape
  • Velcro wall hangers
  • Zip ties
  • My dog’s heartworm pills
  • Key chains
  • Water filter for a water dispenser we no longer own
  • Two inoperable garage openers (why?)
  • 11 menus, four from the same restaurant
  • Batteries of every size, shape, kind, and brand
  • Pencils. Pens. Mechanical pencils. They’re all there.
  • Random bag of nails/screws/bolts
  • Two screw drivers (one flat head, one phillips head)
  • One ball peen hammer
  • Wall brackets
  • A cutting board (seriously have no idea how this got here)
  • 10 books of matches
  • Three extra cabinet handles
  • A receipt for a 2017 oil change
  • Papers. Just random, unnecessary papers

So uh…yeah. Let me be a lesson for you. Try and either keep this drawer somewhat organized or prepare to tackle an absolute disaster.