cluttered shed

The Post-Summer De-Clutter

I’m not here to bring your summer to its untimely end just yet, but I am here to remind you that now may be the best time to consider de-cluttering before the fall.

Soon enough you’ll have to pack it all away again: the tables, the chairs, hammocks, maybe the BBQ – it’s just your typical NJ summer coming to a close. While you’re going through the motions, you may want to begin weighing whether or not some of those items are even worth stowing away.

Did that rickety plastic chair finally kick the bucket? Maybe you should toss it now and open up some extra space in the garage or shed. Is the umbrella in such disrepair that you’re better off picking up a new one? Chuck it and put that on your to-do list once April hits.

Also, take inventory of what items may not have made the cut this summer. Are the summer/spring items you didn’t remove from storage going to stay there again next year? Why don’t you need it this summer, and what is keeping you from getting rid of it?

If there’s one thing I’ve learned as a homeowner, it’s that “stuff” builds up quickly. Before you know it, your neat closet is packed to the brim, your shoe rack populates faster than a family of rabbits, and paper – SO MUCH PAPER – piles up on desks, bookshelves, and coffee tables. Any chance you have to get ahead of it will save you time, and headaches, down the line.