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Curb Your Contingencies to Ensure a Smoother Transaction

Balancing that fine line between reasonable and irrational when it comes to contingencies can be the making or breaking point of your deal.

A number of buyers will fight tooth and nail to not have to hammer…well, a nail. Now obviously, my goal is to help you get your home for as affordable as possible, while also working with the seller to ensure the home is move-in ready and inspector approved.

So, first and foremost, never lead into an offer with contingencies. It already sets a bad tempo to negotiations. Whether or not you actually¬†are¬†nitpicking small items is a mere side note. It’s all about appearances in the early stages, and you certainly want to appear as someone who is not going to make the entire transaction a difficult one.¬†

You can of course always ask for clarification on some items. For example, if you noticed an obvious issue – maybe the shower head is hanging by a thread, or there is a gigantic crack in a sink – you can inquire as to the seller’s stance on those items. But in the grand scheme of things, you’ll want to discern between the items that inhibit your comfort of living, and ones that are just mere handyman projects.