tidy exterior

Homeseller Maintenance 101: Keep a Tidy Exterior

Just because your home is on the market doesn’t mean it’s high time to cut the contract up with your landscaper, and turn your front yard into a jungle. Consider the following if you want to keep the integrity of your home in tact, even if the keys are about to switch hands:

Keep the Exterior Tidy
Keep walkways clear, gardens clean, and front yards trimmed. Now’s not the time to throw home care to the wayside, so make it a point to pretty up the outside on the regular.

I also recommend keeping your exterior lights on a timer or in night mode so that people are aware that, although the home is for sale, it’s not empty (or at the very least, people are keeping an eye on it).

And on a final note, if you’ve already found your next home, and the one you have on the market is vacant, make it a point to keep your mailbox tidy, packages tucked away, and newspapers (especially those circulars) clear from the driveway. Nothing says “we’re not home” more than a stack of circulars and an overflowing mailbox.