home inspector

Items Your Home Inspector May Not Check

Home inspectors vary based on services offered. Some may simply do what would be considered a basic home inspection, while others may offer tiers of service that also check items outside the norm.

You’ll want to ask if your inspector can check out some of the following items, provided they are equipped to do so. Otherwise, there are a number of specialists available who can do that for you.

Fireplace and chimney inspections are not part of the basic items covered by an inspector. As I previously wrote about on this blog, chimney and fireplace inspections aren’t required, but I highly recommend them in the event you have even the slightest inkling you might use it. To that point, you may need to hire a specialist to take care of that for you.

Well water and septic systems aren’t are commonly used in parts of New Jersey where access to public works just isn’t feasible. They may also pop up from time to time on older homes that may not have removed them correctly in the first place. Nevertheless, if you suspect there was a septic system on the grounds, or if you know for certain there is one currently around the home, you’ll need an inspector who specializes in this area to check that out for you.

Swimming pools are also not part of the basic inspection run, but you can of course hire inspectors who specialize in this area. The standard inspector may check the electrical running to the pool and confirm if filters and pipes are connected/working, but he or she is not going to inspect the foundation of the pool. For that, you’ll need to consider hiring an expert in that area.

As often times common in New Jersey, specifically northern NJ, an inspector can sweep with a detector to see if there is an underground oil tank on the grounds, but you’ll need to hire a specialist to come in there and remove it. Furthermore, you’ll need the town inspector to come by after the removal to check out the area as well. Often times you’ll need to do a soil test as well, which can regularly be requested by mortgage companies before granting the loan.