lock the door

Consider Re-Keying Your Locks on Move-In Day

One person you want to have on the ready for the day you move in (other than the moving company) is a locksmith. In fact, plan on having him meet you at the home the day you move in. You can go right ahead and bring in boxes while the locksmith tackles their end of the project.

I’m talking specifically about changing the access to your home, also known as re-keying. This simple task can save you hundreds when compared to purchasing new locks entirely.

It should be obvious why new owners should re-key, but here are a few things to help emphasize this small task: you never know who might have had a spare key to the home you just purchased. Neighbors, family members, dog sitters, etc. Rather than risk the chance, do yourself a favor and take that unnecessary stress of your back the day you move in.

And while you’re at it, consider re-setting any codes to the garage as well, along with any remote openers the owners (hopefully) left behind.