‘Are the Floors Hardwood Underneath?’

If your room has wall-to-wall carpeting, expect to hear this question from me or from potential buyers.

This is easily one of the most asked questions for any home, since hardwood floors are still one of the biggest requests from homebuyers.

If you don’t know the answer or, better yet, if you don’t know the condition of the floors, you’ll want to at least try and find out before listing your home. So what does that entail?

Well, in not so many words, we should probably take a look under the hood and find out.

Is there an area in the corner that you just might be able to raise enough to take a look at the floor underneath? If so, this is all the proof you need to the floor below. You can either take a picture for your REALTOR to keep on file or leave that section of the floor available for any future homebuyers who might want to take a look themselves.

Keep in mind, the latter of those options may result in the carpeting coming up even more, so if there’s a way to fold the carpet back just enough to have it exposed, you can request that they not lift it up any further.

You’ll want to make sure you can easily revert that change should you decide to take your home off the market, or if the new homeowner wants to keep your carpeting down. But in all likelihood, the new owners may be looking to rip up your carpet within the first week or so of officially owning the home. To that point, you’ll want to clarify during the negotiation process and proceed based off of that.