Seasonal Decorating: Hanging Baskets

Don’t limit your spring exposure to just the outdoors. You can invite in the new season with some small interior decorating with hanging baskets.

It’s funny, but the idea of hanging baskets of plants takes me back to my grandmother’s house when I was a kid. And while I feel this sort of thing has been out of date for a few years, I’m only now beginning to notice more and more homes sporting this interior addition.

The best part about these, to me at least, is that my cat is completely limited on how much he can destroy and/or eat. There’s absolutely no way he can make his way up to these.

On the other hand, you’ll want to find simple ways to actually hang these without having to put too much work or even damage into your ceiling.

I’m always on the fence with using adhesive tape, as I’ve expressed once before in a previous blog post. However, I have found that the hanging hooks and wall clips tend to have a bit more success than the tape itself. So if you’re down for hanging some baskets throughout the house, consider these – but also consider the weight limit on the ones you purchase.

Other ways you can get the hanging basket effect without actually hanging them from your ceiling is available with one of those door-hanging shelf units, like this one from Kohl’s. You can actually swap out those trays for solid ones, and even drill some holes through the bottoms to allow for the moisture to seep through. Just make sure you keep a towel or some sort of carpeting underneath your door, otherwise it will end up all over your floors.