An Affordable and Safe Solution to Killing Weeds

Weeds are a royal pain, sometimes quite literally, in the neck. If you’re weeding by hand, all that time spent on your hands and knees is going to add up and leave you pretty sore from something so innocently simple as weeding a garden.

A number of solutions exist for keeping your garden free from weeds. I’ve personally used mulch, which is fairly affordable, and even that black paper and/or mesh that you can lay over the ground to keep the sun out. But the cheapest way to get rid of weeds is found in an affordable and safe liquid that you likely already have in your house.


All you have to do is pour some vinegar directly on the weed or plant you’re looking to get rid of, and the natural acidity will do the trick for you. Fair warning: You don’t want to shower your garden with it, or even soak the ground. This would definitely impact the pH levels in your soil and likely kill things you’d like to keep.

With vinegar, just pour it or spray it directly onto the plant you want to get rid of. Within a few days it will shrivel up, and then you can easily pluck it out of the ground or just let it disintegrate on its own.

To keep them from returning, I would definitely recommend laying down mulch or the aforementioned gardening paper/netting. While this is a simple solution to get rid of weeds, I’d hate to see you making this part of your weekend ritual throughout the span of your yard/garden.