The Best Time to Safeguard Your Home from Insects

I’ll preface this post by saying that I always scope out products to ensure they are safe to animals and kids. The product I use is called Ortho Home Defense, and is available at practically every store under the sun.

I’ve found this particular spray to be helpful in keeping insects from nesting close to or in the home. Our first year of living in the house, we had some black ants who thought they could live rent-free for a few days before my wife and I noticed them walking all over the windows of one particular room. Thankfully the problem wasn’t too serious where it couldn’t be handled by some over-the-counter traps but, as an extra precaution, I decided to head out and pick up some of this stuff as well.

Since then *knocks on wood* there hasn’t been a single issue. Does it stop everything? Of course not. But I’ll take the occasional spider or crawly thingy any day of the week over an army of ants.

The spray will work its best when you apply it during the early spring, perhaps even on a day with some light drizzle and/or rainfall. You’ll want to follow the instructions on the bottle for tips on best use, but most importantly, people and pets can re-enter the area once the spray dries.