The Fresh Mulch Effect

Nothing can spruce up the grounds of your home and add to curb appeal faster, and cheaper, than tossing down some fresh mulch.

The rainy season, ie. right around now-ish, is the best time to put down a nice helping of mulch. Not only does it go a long way in prevented weeds from sprouting up, but it also adds an extra layer of absorption around your home to keep water from puddling and accumulating around the foundation of your home.

Personally, I’ve regularly hit up Home Depot every first or second week of April to pick up a few fresh bags. At just under $3 per bag, sometimes even $1.99 a pop if there’s a sale, I find that 10 – 15 bags will more or less take care of business for the rest of the season. I opt for the red mulch, just because I like the way it makes the area pop, but you can pick from whatever options are available (generally black, red, or brown).

One little thing you’ll want to keep in mind when you go shopping for mulch: wear clothes you won’t mind getting dirty, and try to avoid grabbing these bags after a day or two of rain. Since they sit in the outdoor sections of the store, these bags become spongers for humidity and rainfall. Not only will each one feel 10 times heavier, but you’ll have colored water running off from each one and potentially leaking into your truck/car. That’s why I always recommend lining the trunk of your car with old cardboard boxes or even a pool tarp to keep it from getting stained.