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Home Renovations: One by One, or One and Done?

If you’ve just moved into a home or you’ve had a growing list of renovations on your to-do list for quite some time, you may be asking yourself, “Is it best to do it one by one, or knock it all out in one shot?”

Speaking from personal experience, I’ve found that getting all changes done at once makes a world of difference. You have to ask yourself how many days, collectively, you’re OK with the feeling of living in a construction zone.

When my wife and I first moved in, we had our floors re-stained, a bathroom remodeled, all of the rooms re-painted, and we even raised the area above the steps a few inches because, well, I’m tall and hit my head all the time.

For the first two weeks it felt like my contractors were living there with us. There was always hammering, sawing, sanding, or demo’ing going on. Electric was cut, water was cut – it was really a pain, but all the more feasible because we knew there was an end in sight. When that end came, we were both grateful for having it all done in one shot, because frankly, neither one of us could imagine having to go through that again in the foreseeable future.

Which is why I recommend the one and done approach to any renovations on your home, budget permitting. I’ve had friends living in construction zones for years, microwaving dinners or ordering takeout for months, and generally always busy with some kind of change to the house. I’ve found their tolerance adjusts based on whether or not they’re doing the work themselves, or slowly funding it along the way.

In the end, it will always come down to what works best for you, but if you have your pick of the two, I highly recommend the one and done approach.