bob ross

Spring Cleaning Tip: Outdoor Paint Touch-ups

The winter can be pretty devastating to the exterior of your house. Whipping winds, ice, hail, snow, just the sheer cold: it’s enough to do some visible damage to your home.

One of the main areas that can take a beating during the winter are any areas covered with paint. I’m talking about a deck, a fence, the foundation, or even the mail post if you have a mailbox perched up in your front yard.

On the bright side, these are all pretty simple things to fix. All you need to do is grab a bucket of whatever paint you used originally (or, if you weren’t the one to paint it, go ahead and grab whatever color you prefer) and either touch-up what’s already there or lay down a new, fresh color entirely.

Do a quick walk around your home and eye up these items. Maybe toss in a quick look at shutters, edging, and doors while you’re at it. Might as well knock all the touch-ups out in one shot, rather than nitpick them along the way.