closet rotation

Spring Cleaning Tip: De-cluttering and Rotating Closets

Back when I was a bachelor living in a two-room apartment in Clifton, my closet of clothes was simply that: a closet of clothes. I didn’t rotate anything, downsize, whatever. In fact, even the idea of rotating my closet was foreign to me, if only because I had very little space to store it anyway. So, the closet was the closet. Plain and simple.

To this day, that’s still the case, although I now actually downsize and purge items every spring and fall. But I keep my wardrobe to a small enough size where rotating items out is still not much a concern for me.

My wife, however, treats her semi-annual closet rotation as if it were a spiritual event. This all-day affair requires taking down the next season’s close from the attic, removing the previous season’s from the closet, and then analyzing each and every piece to determine it’s value and/or personal worth. It’s really quite the site to see, and I’m routinely amazed at her ability to time block a weekend day and commit to the monstrous task at hand.

Suffice it to say, the spring and fall seasons are the best time to purge one’s closet. Even if you don’t practice my wife’s ritual, you can still skim through the items on your hangers or folded away in drawers and decide if it’s going to make it to next season or not. One law I abide by is to never buy more hangers. This requires me to stick to a certain count, even if it can be a challenge in doing so.

Then simply toss it to the side and, so long as it’s not falling apart at the seams, consider donating it to shelters or clothing drives in the area.