cleaning blinds

Spring Cleaning Tip: Cleaning the Blinds

Five months or so of keeping your windows shut while blasting the heat, assuming you have forced hot air, can lead to a lot of dust build up in your home. Dust will obviously settle wherever it pleases, but some areas can be a bit more annoying to clean than others.

Enter: Your blinds. You may remember the old infomercials that sported static electricity as the best way to rid your home from dust. While I’m sure that may be somewhat true, I still maintain all those tools do is push the dust off your blinds and onto the floor.

There are essentially three great ways to clean blinds that I’ve found work well.

  1. Old socks: Put an old sock on your hand, preferably one that’s not currently on your foot, and spray it with a cleaning solution (or vinegar). Then just wipe down each and every set of blinds with that.
  2. Dryer sheets: This essentially has the same effect as cleaning with the aforementioned sock, but the natural cling of the dryer sheet will help alleviate the amount of solution you may decide to use.
  3. Give them a bath: Simply remove the entire section of blinds from your window and give them a bath. You can use any solution you see fit, ranging from standard dish soap, to a bucket of vinegar, and even bleach (I’ve seen this used specifically in a smoker’s home).