Kitchen Conundrum: Do You Need New Cabinets, or Can You Paint Them?

When it comes to kitchen cabinets, you essentially have three options: repaint, reface, or replace.

Many buyers are quick to say a kitchen is outdated but, while that may be true, there’s always a chance to salvage some of the items already in place.

Take kitchen cabinets, for example. It’s easy to identify an old look to cabinets, and even easier to determine whether they should stay or go. With that being said, just because it looks old, it doesn’t mean you need to gut them completely.

I’ve worked with contractors and flippers who always make it a point to see the state of cabinets in a kitchen. When you consider the fact that this is the part of a home that adds plenty of value, you want to make sure you do it right, but you also don’t want to sink unnecessary money into something that can just as easily be swapped out.

I’m not suggesting you put lipstick on a pig, but if there is a nice foundation and a solid body to the cabinets, first consider painting them. If the hinges are a mess or if the general style needs work, now consider the idea of re-facing them. Essentially, all this means is you find a way to replace just the doors and handles of the cabinets, while keeping the overall structure in place.

As a last resort, if the state of your cabinets doesn’t pass those two tests, then you may be left with no other option than to gut them completely.

At the very least, before you do, consider how easy it might be to fix the aesthetics of your kitchen without breaking the bank.