Pre-Spring is the Best Time to Trim Back Trees and Shrubs

If you have smaller trees and shrubs around your home, then you know there comes a point in the late spring and early summer when maintaining them is just a nightmare.

Here’s the thing: by the time they’re sprouting buds, it’s already almost too late. You need to get out on that first good weekend when it might be a little cold still but not entirely unbearable and start trimming these babies back.

I have a dwarf weeping willow in my yard. This thing grows up and out and over and before you know it all hopes of trying to trim it back are gone. You want to get to trees like these when they’re still just a bundle of sticks waiting to sprout. All you need is a handheld trimmer or, if you want to speed up the task, electric hedge clippers should take care of that nicely as well.

The same goes for conifers, hedges, or junipers. The sooner you can tackle them, the better.