Make the Most of Your Time Indoors with Small Paint Projects

Spring is almost here. I swear. It may not feel like it, but soon enough you’ll be able to crack some windows, air out the house, and get going on your spring cleaning.

But why wait until the weather is nice to get moving on some of those projects?

A simple one-day task like tackling indoor painting projects can help spruce up the place before the temps start to climb their way back up.

Mind you, this is really just a general touch-up task, and not an overall re-paint of a room. You’d probably want to save any bigger projects like that for the spring, that way you can air out the place a bit.

Consider touch-up paint jobs on baseboards, doors, windows, fixtures, or even that accent wall, assuming it’s not peel-and-stick wallpaper. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, and you have an enclosed patio, attached garage, or generally any area where you have move furniture into, you may also want to tackle a few pieces of furniture or staining projects.