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Top 5 Factors Millennials Consider When Purchasing a Home

For years the Millennial generation was often referred to as the generation that killed, well, everything. As I’ve previously written, Millennials have been blamed for killing everything from the idea of napkins, to your typical dinner date.

And yet, newer studies have found that most assumptions around millennials – that they aren’t interested in becoming homeowners, or that they’d rather rent for the rest of eternity – have since been put to rest. Why?

Well, because they’re not true.

As it turns out, Millennials are simply purchasing homes later in life. Given the rising amounts of college debt, housing costs, and general cost of living, how can you really blame them?

Now, as those born between 1980 and 1994 enter into the housing market, data indicates more than just numbers. It also suggests the kind of qualities Millennials look for when searching for a home.

A study done by the National Association of Realtors revealed that the Top 5 qualities identified by Millennials when searching for a home include: Quality of the Neighborhood, Proximity to Family/Friends, Convenience/Commutability to their jobs, Affordability, and Quality of Schools.

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