For Those Looking to Sell in the Spring, Now’s a Great Time to De-clutter

By this time of year I get a bit stir crazy. It’s winter-induced cabin fever at its finest, and I start to run out of ideas to stay busy in anticipation of the spring months.

So, traditionally, every February or so I start to purge some items. Whether it’s clothing in the closet, excessive amounts of gym shirts (which is where I usually send all my old clothes), or even furniture or decorative items, this is the time of year they either make the cut or hit the trash bin.

For those intent on selling in the spring, de-cluttering now gives you a huge advantage to preparing your home for sale. Sure, you’ll want to do some touching up and cleaning before you list, but if you can get the bulk of items out of the way now, you’ll make it all the easier for yourself come March or April when the market picks up.

Besides, do you really want to rush the process? Give yourself some time, Marie Kondo style, and decide whether that item makes the cut for your potential move in the future.

Frankly, even if you’re not moving, this is a great exercise to avoid the accumulation of “junk and stuff” in your home.