popcorn ceilings

Don’t Let Popcorn Ceilings Ruin Your Opinion of a Home

Unless you’re specifically in the market for a new construction, odds are you’ll come across some outdated features while shopping for a home.

Thankfully the days of shag carpeting seem to be well off in the past, but even regular wall-to-wall indoor carpeting can be seen as outdated in a world where 80% of homebuyers seek out hardwood floors.

I hate to see buyers cross off a home based on small, fixable items. Not only is there a chance to make this part of the negotiation process, but often times the work is not nearly as complicated as one may think.

Take popcorn ceilings, for example. An entire house may check off all the boxes for a buyer, but if the rooms have popcorn ceilings – fuhgeddaboudit. You’d think the world came crashing down.

Sure, if possible you’d like to refrain from having to do any sort of work on something like a ceiling just as you move in, but the truth is this kind of thing can be quick and easy.

I could give you the full breakdown of the process, but I feel like The Home Depot covers what I would have written down, and more, in this super-helpful video.

So give this a watch, and perhaps you’ll think twice about walking away from an otherwise perfect home just because it has outdated ceilings: