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Top Kitchen Colors of 2019

Paint colors are a funny thing. Rarely does anything so easily remedied draw such a drastic reaction from someone (wallpaper might be second). But hey, I get it. Step into that awful-colored room and it’s the first thing you notice. It takes away from the rest of the room and almost becomes the biggest distraction while browsing through a home.

As I always say, try and focus on the things that can’t be fixed. Suffice it to say, paint colors are just about the easiest thing you can fix in a home.

That said, the 2019 top colors for kitchens, specifically, are terracotta, light and dusty pinks, deep blues and greens, and natural whites.

Personally, when I moved into my home, repainting the kitchen was at the top of our to-do list. I wouldn’t know how to exactly categorize the color blue the previous owners used, other than to say it was dark, depressing, and unnecessary. They even applied a darker shade as an accent wall, which just about violates the first rule of an accent wall: generally speaking, it shouldn’t be darker than the rest of the room. You’re not exactly accentuating anything with that approach.