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Should Sellers Wait Until Spring to Sell?

A number of homesellers allege that they will wait until spring to sell their home, but is that really the best time to get the most return on your home?

Yes, spring is a great time to list. Buyers looking to move with their families are more inclined to purchase in the spring on account of the fact it allows them to purchase, move, and settle in before the start of the new school year.

But…let’s not forget, buyers intent on buying will do so any day of the week, no matter the season.

Yes, spring is a strong market for real estate. Sellers geared up to make the move will spend parts of the winter months preparing their home for sale once the snow and ice are a thing of the past, and the thermometer begins its trek upwards.

But…if all sellers have this very thing in mind, and the majority of them do, the flood of homes on the market takes some wind out of the sails for home sellers. In not so many words, waiting until the spring to sell a home ultimately results in the textbook definition of a buyers market. With so many houses to choose from, a buyer may go into an offer with a plan B or even C on the backburner.

Ideally, a seller intent on selling in the spring benefits the most from listing in January/February. This allows them to still ride the top of the winter market, while also being “there” when buyers consider kicking off their spring home search. This is especially timely for a seller who may also be looking to upgrade/downsize within a month or so of selling.

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