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If You Can Move This Montclair House, It’s Yours for Free

Photo of the 1965 Crane House relocation, found at

One real estate story making the rounds this week is centered on a six-bedroom home in Montclair that can be yours for free…if you can move it.

The home is located on the same plot as Reedemer Montclair Church, and it needs to find a new home in an effort to make way for some additions to the church.

It’s estimated that it will take nearly $100,000 to move the 3,000 square foot house, which will also require the moving of power lines to allow the three-story house to hit the road.

The church has offered up the home for free to anyone willing to find the means of moving it, but should no one step up, then demolition is slated for January.

This wouldn’t be the first time a home was moved from one location to another in Montclair, as the historic Crane House was picked up from its original location on Glen Ridge Avenue and moved to its current location at 110 Orange Road in August 1965.

Admittedly, the move may have been a bit easier 50-plus years ago, but if it can be done once, perhaps it can be done again.