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Cleaning Up Pet Stains

If you’ve recently purchased a home from a pet owner, or you are a pet owner yourself, then you may need to consider ways to get rid of pet stains.

Methods and best practices will of course be best determined based on a few factors. The main one is: how long has it been sitting, and how many animals were in the home?

In other words, if you’re purchasing a home from someone who had 20 cats using the floors as a toilet, then you would need to take a more serious approach to cleaning than what I have listed in this article. (And I wish I were joking when using that as an example, but I’ve seen some crazy stuff.) In fact, in severe cases of pet stains, stripping a home down to the joists and/or ripping out stained sheet rock is almost a necessity.

But, for the simple removal and cleaning, consider the following.

When it comes to hardwood floors, your best bet is always going to be baking soda, vinegar, and peroxide for the simple and easy solution. If you need to rely on a more industrial solution, then consider a few cleaning supplies specific to pet stains and odor. Clorox makes a spray bottle solution for less than $5 that specifically targets and cleans up pet stains.

If possible, one other thing to consider while cleaning your home, is to keep a window or two open during the process. Between the mixture of chemicals and pet stains, you’ll want to air out your home, weather permitting.