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Already Moved In? Now What?

When my wife and I first moved into our home, we set somewhat of an unrealistic goal to be completely unpacked and unboxed and stowed away within the span of two weeks. I don’t know how we managed, but setting that goal in mind definitely helped us in accomplishing that.

But once we were unpacked and finished all the little touch-ups around the house, you’re met with a bit of “what now?” The homebuying process can be tedious and frantic at times, and that’s even before you move in. Shuffling from one place to the other (or in our case, merging two apartments into a home) can also be a bit crazy. So when the time comes that you have done everything that can be done, the wheels may still be spinning with no foreseeable place to go.

So, go get lost.

I mean it. Hop into the car and start getting lost in your new neighborhood. Do searches for restaurants, parks, or coffee shops, and get familiar with the roads around town. My wife and I compiled a list of restaurants in the area we knew we’d want to check out. One of our first meals as homeowners was at Two Costas in Linden, where we had breakfast sandwiches on Portugese rolls, homemade whipped cream atop our cappuccinos, and Portugese custard tarts for dessert.

Since then, we’ve journeyed into neighboring towns based on our own exploring, but also the input from neighbors and friends in the area. The more you get out and enjoy what your town, and surrounding towns, has to offer, the sooner you’ll feel like you’re home no matter where you go.