vacant home

Tips to Consider When Selling a Vacant Home

If your home is for sale, but vacant in the process, there are a few safety measures and considerations you may want to check off along the way.

First off, you’ll want to let the local police know your home is no longer occupied. They may not be able to patrol more regularly, but they will be made aware of the fact an empty home resides in the area.

Next, you’ll want to give your neighbors the heads up that your home is not only for sale, but also empty. These are the people spending the most time within eyesight of your home, so asking them to keep an eye out for you while your home is on the market isn’t asking for much.

Your agent will obviously know your home is vacant, but if you have any special requests for them to relay to potential buyers and their agents, now is the time to do it. Asking visiting agents to keep a light on, for example, or to make sure the blinds/curtains are shut at all times are common directions left behind from homeowners. Similarly, if you have lights set on timers, asking agents to not touch the light switches is a good idea (or you can always put a piece of electric tape over the switch).

Finally, if you haven’t done so by this point, make sure you’ve updated your mailing address and set up a mail forwarding address with the post office. Nothing says “this is house is empty” faster than a mailbox filled to the brim with envelopes and packages.