Are You Looking for the Right Home or the Dream Home?

When I was a kid I wanted to be a professional baseball player. It’s not an uncommon dream for kids playing Little League, but I think we can all agree that it is significantly unattainable when you take a step back and actually consider the odds of it panning out.

You can say the same thing when it comes to finding a “Dream Home.”

Hey, wait a second. This isn’t some kind of existential post in which I’m asking you to ditch your dreams, cave in to conformity, and generalize your home preferences.

Instead, let’s take that step back and see which parts of it are feasible. Let’s find the RIGHT home.

I knew in my heart of hearts by the time I was maybe 12 or so that being a baseball player was completely out of the picture. But it didn’t stop me from combining my passion with another interest of mine; writing. So as the opportunities became available to me in middle school, high school, and up on through college, I got my kicks in by writing about baseball for my school newspapers. I even went on to work radio broadcasts for local minor league radio teams for a year or two and before long discovered that maybe a career working in and around baseball – the long summer schedule, late nights, weekends, etc. – wasn’t really for me.

Case in point, your dreams aren’t unattainable, but sometimes they just need some flexibility.

Looking for a dream home based solely on criteria that may or may not even exist within the same four walls can truthfully be an endless search. Unless you have the means of building your own home from scratch, you’ll be hard-pressed to find the home that exists in your head somewhere in the wild.

When it comes to house hunting, I always advise clients to search for the RIGHT home. The one that fits your needs and wants based on practical, daily use.

While we all may have our own dream homes, dream jobs, or dream cars, often times the best and most feasible outcome is the practical one.