The Fresh Paint Fix

It was while vacuuming last weekend that I thought, “Maybe I need a fresh coat a paint.”

I can assure you, this had nothing to do with my slamming the vacuum into a corner of the living room like an errant racecar drive.

Absolutely no relation whatsoever.

Point is, nothing freshens up a room faster without breaking the budget than a fresh coat of paint. Even if you don’t want to apply an entire fresh coat, or if you need to cover up some minor dings and dents like me, even a few touch ups on the corners can help bring a new look to your rooms.

Depending on the severity of those bings and booms thanks to moving around furniture, uhh…vacuuming, or simply put, kids, you may also want to consider a quick patch job, too.

You can pick up a squeeze tube of drywall filler for less than $10 at Target or Home Depot. I actually prefer the one that goes on pink and dries white so you can actually see with more certainty if you’re getting into those tough spots. All you need to do is sand it down, paint over it when you’re done, and swear you’ll never need it ever again (hint: you will).