The Perfect Thermostat Temperature Is…

…igniting a hot debate.

That is, according to the latest release from Energy Star, which claims that the ideal temperature for your home is 78 degrees.

What started as a trending topic on Twitter earlier this week has since erupted into something more, as one investigative reporter out of Tampa, Florida elaborates:

Speaking solely as someone who sweats walking up stairs, I don’t think my thermostat even registers at 78 in the dead of winter. In fact, during my bachelor days in a two-bedroom apartment in Clifton, I would set my thermostat at 63 when I slept and 70 when I wasn’t home.

But, 82 degrees when you’re sleeping? Perhaps it’s ideal for energy conservation, but I think we can all agree that’s a bit much, especially if your A/C also doubles over as a dehumidifier on humid August days.

Within one week of living in our home, the Mrs. and I reached a compromise: 70 degrees at night, 74 during the day (if we’re home) and 76 if we’re away. All things considered, I think that’s pretty reasonable.

At the very least, more reasonable than these supposed “recommended” temperatures, according to Energy Star.