i love you man

The ‘I Love You Man’ House is Up for Sale in Venice, CA

Normally I like to keep the focus of my blog posts on New Jersey and general topics around homeowning, but occasionally I’ll make an exception. A movie referencing Paul Rudd easily makes the cut (I mean, come on. Who hates Paul Rudd?)

Also, Rudd’s character worked in real estate. So there is a connection, albeit a loose one.

At any rate, for those who have seen the movie “I Love You Man,” featuring Rudd and Jason Segel, you may remember the cottage Segel’s character lived in. I’d best describe it as “cozy,” although it was large enough for the characters to hold band practice and lounge around doing Best Friend Things. Evidently it’s also had a bit of a makeover since the filming.

Built in 1907 and spanning less than 700 sq feet, this beach bungalow in Venice, CA will now cost you $2.25 million, nearly double its 2008 price.

If you do purchase it, let me know. We’ll get the band back together and play some RUSH covers.