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Mid-Century Modern is the Top House Style in NJ, According to Realtor.com

Photo: The very first photo to pop up in my lazy Google search for Mid-Century Modern

Based on popular Google search trends, Realtor.com suggests the top style for New Jersey is Mid-Century Modern.

According to the article:

The report looked at the most-searched-for interior design trends in each state. The findings were based on Google Trends data from June 2018 through May 2019.

Mid-Century Modern ranked fourth overall on the list of 18 trends throughout the country. New Jersey joins Minnesota, Missouri and Virginia in that category.

Industrial took the No. 1 spot overall with 12 states reporting an interest in that style, while six less states selected Vintage in the No. 2 spot overall.

I personally enjoy hearing how people describe their home’s style. Right now, I’d say my wife and I live in a modern chic somewhat rustic style (this isn’t on the list. Now I’m just making things up).

When I lived in a two bedroom apartment in Clifton, I guess I would subscribe to the idea of being a purveyor of the minimalist style, by textbook definition at least. If you asked me then, though, I’d best describe it as a Bachelor style, and the minimalism was really just a lack of food variety in my fridge. I also inherited about 90% of my furniture from friends and family, so I guess you’d say it was mildly eclectic and vintage, if we’re re-purposing terms from this Realtor.com article.