Frank’s Five Question Friday

We all talk out loud to ourselves (don’t pretend you don’t!). Here are just a few questions and thoughts I’m mulling over today as we head into the weekend.

What’s your cheat meal going to be on Saturday?
I’m going back and forth on this one. I’m visiting my cousin, who is going to school for baking, so you can only begin to imagine the types of foods I’ll have available. The last time my wife and I visited, my cheat meal consisted of a monster calzone, a few slices of pizza, and a nutella pizza to top it off. I’m pretty sure I rolled back home. This time around, I’m tempted to do the same, but I’m also eyeing up a doughnut shop in her town. As of this writing, I plan on eating everything I see. More to come.

Any open houses this weekend?
Heck yeah there are open houses. I’ll probably swing in on a few to see what’s going down in the neighborhood(s), but I’m definitely swinging by one hosted by Hallmark Realtors’ Alex Smolenski, over at 64 James Ave. in Clark. So if you’re in the area and reading this, come on by and say hi.

Wait, isn’t this Sunday your anniversary?
Man, good thing I remember these things. In fact, I often times have to remind my wife when our actual anniversary is. Nevertheless, Sunday marks two years of with the Mrs., and we plan on celebrating with some coffee, bagels, and a 9am Formula One race while we lounge on the couch. Don’t get me wrong: I can roll out that fancy red carpet at any time, but we’re pretty low key with our celebrations.

Have you checked the weather this weekend?
Of course. Thanks for asking, self. I always check the weather, and I’m stoked to see the weekend is looking pretty good. I can live with this:

What song are you listening to on Spotify right now?
This song has always given off some solid summer vibes: