painted brick

Painting Over Brick

Much like any paint color selection in a home, painting over brick is entirely preferential. However, unlike the simplicity of slapping a few coats of paint onto a wall, painting brick can be a bit more challenging.

Full disclosure: I have painted brick in my home. The decision to do so was to help with the general flow of the room. If we were going for a farm look, or perhaps even a more rustic look, we probably wouldn’t have elected to paint over the brick. However, we don’t use our fireplace (other than for decorative purposes) and the natural brick look really stood out like an eyesore. So, simply put, we slapped some paint on it.

Something so simple, though, wasn’t without effort. Yes, we used a roller, and even touched up with some brush work, but for the most part we must’ve visited and revisited our work no less than half a dozen times. Admittedly it was worth it in the end, but if you’re planning to tackle a similar project, make sure you’re prepared for the excess coats of paint needed to get the job done.

I didn’t use on, but I have read a few accounts of spray nozzles being highly effective while painting brick. So, if you find yourself going nuts during the project, the solution may be as simple as that.

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