Write Down Your Home Improvement List

And I don’t mean in an email to yourself, or in your notes app.

If you can visibly hit yourself in the face with a to-do list every day, then the odds of you tackling those projects increases exponentially.

Much like the person who dreams about running marathons while sitting on the couch, all it takes is that first step to get moving.

There are a number of ways you can produce this list. I recommend the following:

  • Add a dry erase board or chalk wall
  • Tack it to the fridge (don’t bury it under the other papers that might be there)
  • Keep it taped up by the front or back door so you see it every time you head out
  • Similarly, tape it up in your garage or shed so you can see it every time you’re in there

Ideally, you’ll find yourself seeing the list and thinking, “OK, let me knock out this quick item while I’m here.” If you can make a habit of that, perhaps even one every weekend, then you’ll have that list down to zero in no time.

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