home viewing

When Viewing a Property, Treat it Like You Already Live There

When you’re previewing a property with me, you’ll want to remember to be cautious and respectful of your surroundings. In not so many words, treat it like it’s already your home.

Whether it’s bumping your head on a light fixture, bumping into something on a counter, or sliding an item across hardwood floors, you want to not only protect yourself, but also the condition of the home.

Also, I shouldn’t have to say this, but if the home is occupied and full of trinkets, tchotchkes, etc., don’t touch them. These are personal items for the owner, and as such, should be treated as such. Simply put, leave them be.

Hopefully there should be no reason to move around furniture (unless an area of interest is blocked by the piece). In either case, lift, don’t slide, when it comes to furniture on hardwood floors. Who’s to say the legs of the chairs have protective pads? Similarly, if you’re looking at the dining room in a vacant home, be mindful of any light fixtures that may be hanging down in the center.

As a rule of thumb, I like to park a chair or stool under that light as to avoid any traffic into the middle of the room. It’s very easy to forget something like this when you’re distracted and looking around, checking out the room dimensions, and trying to pick out anything along the walls that may catch your eye. If you can avoid that bang into a fixture, it not only keeps you safe, but also protects the integrity of the home.

If a door or cabinet seems stuck, don’t force it. There may be a reason for that, and it’s best left alone. The same goes with any sort of “hidden compartment” in a wall, floor, or ceiling. If you’re genuinely interested in the home, I can find out what that “thing” is. Until then, taper off that level curiosity and just let it be. Who knows if we’ll be able to close, lock, or seal it again?

Until the day comes when every home visitor is expected to wear a helmet, remember to keep your eyes open and respect your surroundings.