home pitfalls

Housing Pitfalls That Scare Away Buyers (And How to Avoid Them)

There are a few things you’ll want to do, and not do, in an effort to make your home as appealing as possible to potential buyers.

First and foremost, de-clutter all of the items that won’t make the move with you. I’m talking about couches, tables, chairs, etc., but you should also use this time to do the same with closets, shoes, and seasonal clothing. Even those items you’re taking with you should be set aside to a designated area such as the basement or garage to clear up space in your home.Your home doesn’t have to look empty or vacant, but you definitely don’t want to look like you’re already packed and waiting. Find a nice balance between the two.

Next, swap out old and out-dated items. You definitely want to brighten up the room with some fresh bulbs, or even replace some old or outdated fixtures, but this isn’t the time to go out and buy a new ceiling fan for the house you don’t plan on staying in much longer. You won’t need to renovate the bathroom, but consider tossing up a fresh curtain, recaulking the area around the tub, cleaning or repainting the walls, and polishing up the mirror. The same can be said for the kitchen area, where some fresh paint on cabinets and a little elbow grease on the counter tops can really spruce up the space.

Finally, tone down YOU. Every home has a personality, and more often than not it’s a reflection of the owner. But when it comes time to selling, consider toning that down. Personal photos should be tucked away in storage along with any mementos.